Over Eating

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said ,
“Nothing is worse than a person who fills his stomach. It should be enough for the son of Adam to have a few bites to satisfy his hunger. If he wishes more, it should be: One third for his food, one-third for his liquids, and one-third for his breath.” stated in Tirmidhi & Ibne Majah.

If we look around we’ll find ourselves surrounded by fools, who have only one target, to eat take rest and than again eat.Just take an example of an “Iftar Dinner” in the holy month of Ramadan, after several hours of hunger, the empty stomachs are not able to absorb so much heavey & oily items, but the most sellable item is none other than “pakora”(a spicy piece deep fried) and Dahi Bhallay (Yogurt mixed with deep fried stuff).

Most of the people expect a heavy dinner packed with cold drinks & ice cream after Iftar Meal and after that most of them are found in toilets, yes that’s true. After few hours “Suhoor” (Before Fajr Prayer) arrives and all the heavy stomachs have to be on dinning table again.

This is not only limited to the Holy month of Ramadan. Look at our marriage ceremonies, birthday parties, official gatherings you will just find ‘food’ and food. How strange, on one side people are forced to over eat and than they have to make room for the other installment by going toilets resulting in high cholesterol, sugar, obesity and laziness.
But on other side people are starving for clean food, just clean healthy food. If we look seriously this is a crime which most of us are committing.

Over eating is not only dangerous for our health, it is also raising discrimination in our society.



Not only how you earn, is monitored by Islam, the way you spend, where you spend & how you spend is also being monitored by the great book.

It is not only that your earnings are ‘Halal’ and now you are free to spend lavishly in the name of lifestyle or fashion…. people spend millions to decorate a ‘toilet’, and forget that hundreds of small houses, yes hundreds of houses can be constructed within the same amount.

Using an exceptionally expensive mobile set, tablet PC’s, changing electronic gadgets or cars every year on the name of ‘Upgrading Models’ is a part of our lifestyle now a days. Me too being a part of that sick society fell in the same line, but we forget the real use of such electronic gadgets…..

Honestly and bluntly speaking, there is NO requirement of most of the electronic toys, there was a better life even before an iPad or an iPod….apology from die hard apple fans, i too bought an iphone and discovered within months that i am actually not using the features of the phone for which ‘iPaid’ for it 🙂 features like iTunes, Podcasts, games etc…….few features are useful but 90% of the usage is just using a phone,means to talk and to message and thats it.

Had i saved that money, it could have been given to ‘Reshma’ our house maid back at home, so that she could spend it on her orphan kids, or to ‘Ramzan baba’ who donot have a warm pullover for cruel islamabad winters, or to a primary school of orphans which is running on donations.

But i feel lesser guilty when i look around myself, people spending money on five star buffet…monthly thousand of bucks just for a ‘stylish’ food, and on Jacuzzi , water games, branded suiting, diamond wrist watches and much more.

I filthy rich guy in islamabad, spend 1 million on the decoration of main entrance of his palace like home, can you believe 1 million on just decoration……….The house in which he will not be able to live forever.

Pointing to all of us, our real and final destination is a 2×4 grave……

But these are all thoughts, just inspirations from few great personalities practically everyone is following lines drawn by our society.

Syedna Umar used to sleep on ground of mosque and Syedna Ali used to eat a bread dipped in water.

Few Quotations

‘Happiness is such a bird, which flies away from thankless nests’ (AdeelKunwar)

‘The man who has no control over his tounge, is like a looser who wins in every round but fails at the last one’ (AdeelKunwar)

‘Even a goat and lion can be friends, if they have one thing in common, that is situation handling’ (AdeelKunwar)


هو ا بحار

A morning in Medinah Munawwara!

Imam sahab was reciting verses from the glorious Quran and his voice was shattering with emotions,several
muqtadee’s in fajr prayer were also feeling the emotions and becoming dolorous, alluring voice of sheikh and Masjide Nabwi softened our hearts and wet out eyes.

Minates of Masjid e Nabawi SAW - Madinah

After Fajr prayer the crowd started moving towards the place where millions of angels arrive to deliver the salam by billions of muslims from all dimensions of this planet, the place is the Hujra’e Syeda Ayesha RA,where our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW is resting along with his two loyal companions, Syedna Abubakr and Syedna Umar RA.

The crowd passed through the face of Hujra quietly with great respect paying salam and durood in humble voices, scholars were present to abstain people
from doing any prohibited act or making noise, surely this is the place where a minor mistake can take a person away from Heaven.
Asalamo Alika Ya Rasoolallah, Ya Khatam-an-Nabiyeen!

Outside the mosque pleasent morning light was about to come, the weather was cool and clouds were among the audience, birds were present in a large number flying over the Haram, they too were anxios to pay Salam on the greatest of all creatures of the Almighty Allah!

Some people moved towards their residences while some started looking for breakfast, as most of them were present in the mosque since mid night,
but our eyes were on the historic graveyard Jannat ul Baqee.Walking in the direction of nose it is opposite to the Haram, facing the Bab-e-Jibrail,  approximately 200 meters away. The graveyard is closed for women but men are allowed to enter after Fajr and Asr prayers for limited time.

Jannatul Baqee

As we entered through the main gate, our eyes saw huge notice boards describing Sunnah method how to enter and behave in grayards.
Baqee is a huge graveyard, more than thousand years old, all the graves were simple with no identification signs or plot numbers,
every grave was reminding us the clearest truth in life, that is the end of life!
However few graves had boundaries of the demolished tombs which were present there some time ago, Baqee is the home of millions, yes  millions of Saleheen.
Many prominent Sahaba, Ummat-ul-Momineen,Ahle Bait, Imams, Awliya, Scholars and Shaheed are buried here during last 1400 years.
On right side from main entrance few graves were identified as Imam Hassan (RA) and Hazrat Abbas(Uncle of Prophet), moving towards left side the graves of Ummat tul Momineen (RA) can be found, ahead of it on left side has Imam Shafi and Imam Malik, and moving ahead towards centre has the grave of Hazrat Usman (RA) the third caliph of Islam.

Morning light and a view of Masjid e Nabwi - SAW

There was a scholar standing near the grave of Hazrat Usman, he was asking people not to raise hands and pray from the grave, when someone asks for dua for the deceased, the scholar replied it is even not confirmed cent per cent that this is the grave of the great Usman bin Affan, so i encourage you to pray for all.
One can imagine the ups and downs of Islam and initial days of Medinah while standing near those graves in Baqee, the simple outlook of the clay graves told us the hardships which our forefathers faced, the pious people burried in baqee spent their lives according to Quran and sunnah and were great examples of simplicity,loyalty and honesty.

Sunlight was coming from the patches of clouds and the Minates of Haram were glowing, Baqee gates were about to close, we slowly moved outside, after making a dua for all the pious Muslims burried.

Killers on Road

The easiest task in Pakistan is to obtain a “Driving License”. Every one who is capable of holding blue and green papers in purse with Quaid’s picture fulfills the pre-requisite of getting the mighty driving license, i remember when i was in college a student who was just 15 years old, was driving his fathers car in street and he drove his car on a two years old kid, who was killed on spot unfortunately.   The young killer when caught said casually that he thought that a kitten came under his car! For me the killer was not only the one behind starring, the blood of small ‘kitten’ was also on the neck of the negligible father as well as one who awarded the driving license, in other words license to kill.

In civilized countries obtaining a driving license is more or less equivalent to earning a university degree, everyone has to pass through a tough procedure to get a driving license, the final assessment by traffic authority is as tough as rock breaking stuff, but for our nation, its like peanuts. The consequence of this is a series of blood spitting accidents on our roads, no day passes when we don’t read a horrific news of road accidents, captions like Passenger coach hits trolley, speedy bus kills motorist, car smashed by train and most recently the unfortunate town of Mian chunnu faced an unforgettable accident, a school van carrying innocent kids was smashed by a train. Media has highlighted two reasons for this accident, one that the driver was unable to see the train due to poor visibility because of fog, second there was no barrier on railway track.

Both are true , the Railway ministry is responsible and should be responsible as absence of barrier on railway track is a crime, but what about the poor driver who did not bother to stop the van just to ensure that there was no object coming towards him, because of fog he might not be able to see the train which was seconds away from him, but why he didnot hear the sound of roaring engine. We can blame anyone but this is a fact that traffic mis-management and poor road planning is causing hundreds of deaths every year, sometimes i think for our ruling class every one who died on road is not more than just a …..kitten!

The Avatar experience

I was about to put the ‘Black glasses’ for 3D cinema, i was sure that the movie would be awesome, the name James Cameron is ample for any movie lover to wait in a long queue, purchase an expensive ticket and decide to spend three hours in cinema.Within 20 minutes,i realized that my decision was absolutely right. The special effects, animations, and action each and every thing was so perfect and awesome that the word ‘Jaw dropping’ or ‘mind boggling’ seemed smaller. Each and every scene was welcomed by a big ‘hoooo’ by the audience. Above all the story line was very good, normally every movie in Hollywood is based on special effects and action, most of them have weak story line but James Cameron has maintained his track by holding a very strong story line n Terminator2,Titanic and now Avatar.Though its difficult choose, but the best scene was the dragon’s flight.

This movie will take you out of this world for three hours; i might watch it once again.

Thank you James, you’ve once again won our hearts.

Entertainment goes Fancy

PTV Drama

Once upon a time, we were fortunate to have PTV, it even exists today but has lost its soul for which it was part of our family ‘once upon a time’. The Ptv drama’s were near to life, which were realistic & entertaining as well, people were hooked with the TV set, specially during the drama hour, most famous serials were ‘Waris’, ‘Dhoop Kinarey’, ‘Ankahi’ and the list goes on. During early 80’s & early 90’s PTV saw its golden time, the last flick was from talented Shoaib Mansoor ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ which broke all commercial records in 1998. After that our television set was bombarded with dozens of Channels & hundreds of drama’s, the TV industry was so commercialized that they forgot the viewers, now fancy dresses, houses like castles, jewelry, glamour, brand new cars, branded suiting has replaced the core of drama which was script once upon a time. Eventually the dramas became unpopular among the masses and the talk show hosts took masses like Pied piper. The drama’s are now focused on land lords, industrialists & elite class, Today’s drama shows that all the people in this county are very rich, living in luxurious houses with all fantasies of life, this is something out of reality, most of the people live on a line just above poverty & far below luxury, As the modern drama give up the issues of common man, the common man has also given up watching these serials, because after watching life as un restrained fantasy the common man’s contentment is vaporized, the fall of TV drama’s is not only the void of entertainment for the common man, it is somehow linked with the sad demise of film industry as well, the thing known as “lolly wood” comprises of some seasonal kind of people, who call themselves artists, producing vulgar items which they call films, Thus for a common man in Pakistan, entertainment stuff which was already limited is now either vulgar or irrelevant. Both the movies & drama’s are not focusing common man in their scripts, movies revolve around thugs and whores, drama’s focus on the elite class.